Useful Information

Question To Consider When Contacting A Locksmith

Is your door Upvc or wood ?

What type of lock is in the door ?

Is the door locked and closed - lost key or broken lock or mechanism ?

What type of replacement lock do you want a Standard lock or a security lock ?

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Standard Upvc Door Lock. Also found on some Composit doors

Upvc Security Lock. Also Found On Compposite Doors. Note The Orientation Of The Lock Barrel - Horizontal

Mortise Lock. Used Maily On Wooden Doors

Used On Composite Doors. Note the Difference Of The Key This Lock Uses. It Is Called An ERA Vectis Multi Point Locking System

Upvc Multi Point Locking Mechanism.

Used on Upvc And Composite Doors.

This is The Metal Stip Seen on The Edge Of The Door

Night Latch - Yale Lock. Used On Wooden Doors. Can be Installed As Extra Security